• Common Questions about Dry Skin in Pregnancy

    Common Questions about Dry Skin in Pregnancy
    As we head into the colder months, many of my beautiful mama patients  ask me about how to how to prevent and treat dry skin.   Here are a few common pearls… Why does our skin become drier during pregnancy? Pregnant women have a significant decrease in their skin surface lipids (fats) which protect us and maintain moisture. In a recent study from Scientific Reports,...
  • “Clean” vs. Safe Skincare in Pregnancy

    “Clean” vs. Safe Skincare in Pregnancy
    I spend a great deal of time educating my pregnant patients on what is considered safe in pregnancy and nursing, as well as the skin changes that occur during this time- this is why skincare ingredients matter in pregnancy and nursing.  Our body continually changes throughout pregnancy, with increases in blood flow, oil production, and fluctuating hormones. According to Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology, 90% of...
  • How our Skin Changes During Pregnancy

    How our Skin Changes During Pregnancy
    The skin is our largest organ and protects us from the sun and pollution, as well as harmful bacteria. Yet, the skin is home to many healthy microorganisms that form the microbiome. The skin and body send signals to one another to help our skin adapt to what we need. Keeping a balanced microbiome is important not only for skin health, but also overall...

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